Middle Grade Novel Study - Root Magic by Eden Royce

Middle Grade Novel Study - Root Magic by Eden Royce

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Root Magic by Eden Royce* – Take a journey back to 1964 South Carolina where the Turners must grieve their matriarch and adjust to life without their her. 11-year-old twins Jay and Jez learn that they will begin studying root working lessons that have been passed down through their family for generations. The novel explores responsibility and growth, grief, holding on to traditions vs. modernization, dealing with negative situations and learning to find a place for one’s self in an unforgiving and judgmental society.

We will read the novel, keep a reading journal, complete a comprehension packet and write a written response to an open ended question.

Tuesdays 5:30 PM via Zoom.

Six Week Course * 1.5 Hours per Session * 9 Hours Total

Classes will run from July 11 to August 14

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